Susan W. Aumiller, CLTC
Aumiller Strategies

With over 25 years of experience in the financial service industry, Susan Aumiller is committed to helping individuals and small business owners preserve and protect their financial dreams.

Susan holds the CLTC (Certified in Long-Term Care) designation. She has sold long term care insurance for nearly a decade and specializes in LTC planning. Susan’s focus is to help clients preserve their finances and protect their families through education and financial solutions that mitigate the expense of long term care. Whether expected or unexpected, events that impact our physical or cognitive abilities to live independently can quickly impact the lives and careers of family caregivers and deplete investment portfolios. With careful planning, these life-changing events can be managed more effectively, reducing pressure on family members and employees, while preserving financial resources for their intended use.

If your present plan is to depend upon personal savings, Medicare and health insurance to cover your long-term care expenses, there is more you should know about the:

  • Growing cost of long term care
  • Surprising limitations of Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurance coverage
  • Valuable savings potential for acting sooner than later

Contact Susan today for valuable information on long term care and the solutions that are now available to protect you, your family and business from the enormous financial threat of long term care.

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